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Simple atmosphere Golden Fruit EV's first smart electric SUV interior exposure
Feb 08, 2019

A few days ago, we acquired a set of interior spy photos of the first intelligent electric SUV of Golden Fruit EV. The interior of the new car is based on black and is decorated with silver chrome trim. The central control adopts a vertical large screen design, which is in line with the popular design style. It is understood that the car will be officially listed in the third quarter of this year.

From the perspective of spy photos, the new car center console is simple and stylish, which is quite different from the complex interior design of traditional fuel vehicles. The lines are bright and the outlines are clear. The surface is decorated with soft materials and woven patterns, and electric vehicles are used. The popular knob-type shifting mechanism, combined with the full LCD instrument panel, is full of technology.

In the central part, on the side of the driver's side, a large-size vertical touch LCD screen is set, which is very eye-catching. According to previous reports, the new car will be equipped with Alibaba's latest Ali OS 2.0 car networking system, sharing the Ali ecology, and based on more intelligent applications brought by Huawei's deep strategic cooperation, the overall car configuration will greatly enrich users' travel. Experience and improve travel efficiency.

In the upper part of the center console, the concealed air conditioning air outlet has a visual effect through the design, and with the silver decorative strip running through the left and right sides of the instrument panel, while extending the visual width of the vehicle, it creates a flowing atmosphere, highlighting the uniqueness of the new energy vehicle. Technology charm. The seat part features an ergonomically designed one-piece sports seat that visually presents a uniquely sporty temperament. The use of leather materials and stitching also improves the feel and texture of the interior.

In terms of appearance, the new car adopts a coupe-like SUV design, and the overall design is the main sports style. The front face is family-designed, and the Sigma (∑)-shaped daytime running lights are highly recognizable. The new car incorporates a illuminating LED light set on the front panel, which has a sci-fi feel.

On the side of the car, the lines of the new car are very smooth, using a double waist line to highlight the three-dimensional layer, 21-inch two-color rim, which further highlights the sense of movement. As can be seen from the spy photos, the new car will adopt a "hidden" door handle design, which can improve the sense of science and technology while reducing wind resistance. In the tail part, the new car adopts a similar style of slip-back, with a low body posture and a high body posture, which makes the overall shape more round and full, creating a forward diving effect. However, according to the spy photos exposed, the production of taillights did not use the concept car design, but used a more rounded design style.


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