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Experience 2019 Nissan X-Trail Bose sound system
Feb 06, 2019

Nissan X-Trail is one of the most popular joint venture SUVs in China. In September 2018, the joint venture SUV sales volume, Nissan Qijun won the second good result, and the third is also Nissan (hacker), but Dongfeng Nissan does not To meet the current sales results, but to launch the 2019 models of the Qijun. According to common sense, there will be no major changes in the annual model, but the 2019 Qi Jun is equipped with the "Zhi Xing +" car system, equipped with Nissan "I-SAFETY" safety system, and Bose brand audio.

Bose and Nissan are actually "old friends". The first cooperation model can be traced back to 30 years ago. Coincidentally, the first cooperation between Dongfeng Nissan and Bose was 10 years ago, and it was the Duke of Tianzhu. Bose audio is indeed more likely to appear in mid-to-high-end models. Many consumers who pursue practical use can only use the "Bose Dream" in the car to achieve it with a home audio or earphone. However, the Bose sound in the domestic Qijun is indeed a It is very worthwhile for music lovers to be happy, because the minimum is only 230,000, you can drive a large space SUV with Bose sound!

Another thing worth mentioning is that X-Trail’s Bose sound was proposed by Dongfeng Nissan to Bose Automotive Systems China. Therefore, under the leadership of Bose Automotive Systems China, Bose has been added to the domestic Dongfeng Nissan Qijun. sound.

Because of the identity of X-Trail's redesign and its own model positioning, Bose mainly replaced Bose's customized hardware for X-Trail, including 6 speakers located near the A-pillar, four doors, and under the rear luggage compartment. The woofer in the spare tire area, in addition to the custom-made 7-channel power amplifier for Qi Jun, which integrates the Bose-specific DSP, and through the optimization of the body and careful tuning, finally presented 2019 models for domestic consumers. Bose audio's Qijun model.

Bose Automotive Systems Division China project leader Xu Xu introduced that in the process of 2019 X-Trail's sound training, Bose tuning engineers spent hundreds of hours on the actual measurement and audition of each seat in the car to ensure that the speakers are mutually Coordination, the result of the final training is written into the digital amplifier, which perfectly presents every detail in the music, and brings a wide sense of space into the cabin to create the sound system that best fits X-Trail and has Bose acoustic concept. Plus the X-Trail comes with built-in CarPlay and Android Auto, improve the car in a high multimedia system level with the on-line Navigation.

So, will X-Trail become the most loaded model of Bose in China and the world? let us wait and see.


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