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Android Based Navigation for Explorer SYNC2

The Ford Android Video interface is Android system GPS Navigation with video interface into ONE Box for Ford Edge, Escape, Kuga, Fusion of 2013 and following car models, equipped with Ford SYNC 2 Window CE system.
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The Ford Android Video interface is Android system GPS Navigation with video interface into ONE Box for Ford  2013, equipped with Ford SYNC 2 Window CE system.Specific models are as follows.

Compatible following Ford 2013-2015 vehicles:

Edge  SYNC2

Escape  SYNC2

Kuga  SYNC2

Fusion  SYNC2

Mustang  SYNC2

Explorer   SYNC2




· Android intelligent video interface can be applied to all Ford screens using SYNC2 system installation.

· Installation is convenient, installation personnel do not need to open the monitor or cut off any cable from the OEM screen component. A system that can be used immediately after insertion.

· After the installation is completed, the OEM button is used to switch to the Android system interface immediately, while the GPS navigation is controlled by the OEM touch screen.

·Support multiple online navigation, such as WAZE, Google map, Sygic and so on.

· Support for many social media applications, such as Facebook.YouTube. You can use it when you download it.

· Multimedia playback supports MP5 function, DSP is set up inside the latest CPU ultra fast, sending stereo can be operated through 3.5mm AUX Jack.

· It belongs to independent voice processing, allowing the simultaneous output of media voice and Navi sound.

· 2 AV inputs can be plugged into other video devices such as DVD players or digital TV tuners.

· The video input of the reverse camera is automatically switched by meshing with the reverse gear.Activated rearview camera parking guideline

·According to customer's demand for automotive function, some functions make optional, like headrest AV is optional.;

· It is suitable for automobile shops, car dealers, Automobile Importers, etc. Welcome all car shops, car dealers, auto importers and so on to become our agents.


Android System Parameter:


The left picture is the Android interface that is switched after the button is installed after this GPS video interface for Ford SYNC2  2013-2015 is installed.(About the interface, on the basis of quantity, you can choose custom according to customer needs.)

The picture on the right is our company's participation in the Hong Kong Electronics Fair in the spring of 2018. Our sales manager is introducing our related products with customers.

Video interface for Ford 2013-2015 SYNC2.jpg Android GPS Navigation device for Ford Kuga 2013-2015 SYNC2.png


1.Does this Ford SYNC2 Navigator interface is independent system ?

   Exploter: Yes,It is installed in the original vehicle, except for the OEM system, a completely independent unit, and the original vehicle OEM system is not at all conflict.

2.How can I add a digital TV with the Navigation interface?

   Exploter: This Android video interface off DVT Video input .

3.How the video interface process the audio of add on GPS Navi box?

   Exploter: This video interface can transmit sound via AUX or Bluetooth.

4.What standard accessories does this Ford SYNC2 Android GPS navigation video interface provide?

   Exploter: It will provide the following standard accessories: Power cable, Info cable, LVDS cable, Mircrophone, Speaker. GPS Antenna.If there are additional needs, you can contact our sales manager to arrange and provide.

The above content is not mentioned, and it is your concern. Please do not hesitate to tell us, we will do our best to serve you, you can contact us by email or telephone, we will receive the first time for you service.

Our delivery process: After receiving the customer's payment(Customers can use PayPal, Alibaba, eBay, Amazon or credit card transfer to make payment according to the situation. According to customer needs, we will provide proforma invoice for our customers), arrange the goods delivery according to the order (If there is no inventory, we will inform the customer and promise delivery time), the delivery method can be sent according to the customer specified express delivery, such as DHL, Fedex, UPS etc. Or the customer has omestic cargo agents in China, we can also send the goods to the cargo agency for processing.

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