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CarPlay with Mirror for BMW EVO

This navigation video interface based on Android 4.4/6.0 OS fit BMW NBT System and original car head unit comes with 6PIN Round video connector. It offers functions of Android Navigation, PAS, 2 videos input and high resolution display
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Model No.: VAN-NBT-2013


The navigation video interface is based on Android 4.4/6 OS and is suitable for NBT system. The original car head unit adopts 6-bit circular video connector,and 6.5/8.8/10.2 inch screen BMW Android decoding machine,. It offers functions of Navi(with TMC base on internet)+PAS+2 Video in+HD 1080p multimedia playback.


Compatible following vehicles:

· BMW 1 / 3 / 4 / 5/ 6 / X5 / X6 Series  2013 2014 2015 2016 

· BMW 7 Series ( F20 F21 F30 F32 F10 F01 )  2013-2015

· Only by changing the location of the DIP8, this Multimedia Player Interface can be adapted to the car which screen is 6.5''or 8.8'' or 10.2''.


· Direct seeding, simple installation, convenient operation, complete compatibility with the original car system, and display original car air conditioning Car door information, seat information.

· Built-in high-speed digital Android navigation module, the display screen shows a clear picture, navigation sound into the OEM speaker, without any background noise.

· The guidelines and PDC it has are similar to OEM. The CAN bus decoding is used to generate reverse, switch and guide signals with a perfect OEM look and feel. Furthermore, OEM PDC images are saved and displayed along with the added reverse camera video.       

Android System Parameter:


The left figure is the main interface after installing this multimedia player interface.

The picture on the right shows the photos we took when attending the electronic fair in Wanchai, Hong Kong, in 2018. And that picture shows our general manager and the intended customers.

Mira Cast for BMW 6 Series 2013-2016.jpg Car GPS for BMW X5 Series 2013-2016.JPG


1.What's your carton packing way?

   Exploter: In order to save the customer's shipping costs, we will pack the goods in standard export cartons, reducing the amount of freight.

2.What standard accessories does this BMW Android GPS navigation video interface provide?

   Exploter: This BMW Android GPS navigation video interface will provide the following standard accessories: Power cable, Info cable, LVDS cable, Mircrophone, Speaker. GPS Antenna.If there are additional needs, you can contact our sales manager to arrange and provide


3.In addition to basic accessories, what other accessories do you provide?

   Exploter: Yes. Cable, USB DVR, rear view camera and so on will also be provided.


4.What are the optional accessories?

   Exploter:  Optional accessories are 3G Dongle, 4G Dongle, USB Carplay Dongle, please contact our sales staff for other products.If necessary, contact our sales manager. Once confirmed, it will be arranged and provided.

The above content is not mentioned, and it is your concern. Please do not hesitate to tell us, we will do our best to serve you, you can contact us by email or telephone, we will receive the first time for you service.

Our delivery process: After receiving the customer's payment(Customers can use PayPal, Alibaba, eBay, Amazon or credit card transfer to make payment according to the situation. According to customer needs, we will provide proforma invoice for our customers), arrange the goods delivery according to the order (If there is no inventory, we will inform the customer and promise delivery time), the delivery method can be sent according to the customer specified express delivery, such as DHL, Fedex, UPS etc. Or the customer has omestic cargo agents in China, we can also send the goods to the cargo agency for processing.

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